Summer Math and Reading resources

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Summer Letter 2016


Summer Reading

Summer Reading 2016


Summer Math

2016 Incoming 1st Grade Summer Math Packet

2016 Incoming 2nd Grade Summer Math Packet

2016 Incoming 3rd Grade Summer Math Packet

2016 Incoming 4th Grade Summer Math Packet

2016 Incoming 5th Grade Summer Math Packet

2016 Incoming 6th Grade Summer Math Packet

2016 Incoming 7th Grade Summer Math Packet

2016 Incoming 8th Grade Summer Math Packet



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Cougar Cubs:

Cougar Cubs: “Teens Teaching Tots and Tots Teaching Teens” Service-Learning in Child Development


Cougar Cubs 2016-17 brochure

Child Development is a service-learning elective in the Family & Consumer Sciences Department that introduces high school level students to the child education and care profession through a careful, psychology-grounded study of child development. It is designed to increase understanding of the basic concepts of child development and the developmental characteristics of children. This course is the foundation for planning appropriate activities for and establishing appropriate expectations of children, while offering an opportunity to study the various developmental domains (social, emotional, cognitive/language and physical). As part of the course, under the direction of a qualified teacher, there are regular opportunities for high school students to observe and interact with three and four year old children in our community in an early childhood setting of free play and child-to-child & child-to-teen interaction.

Class Objectives for High School Students

  • To provide students with an opportunity for applying theory learned in the classroom.
  • To train students to use instructional strategies found effective in early childhood education.


Goal for Cougar Cubs:

  • To provide a developmentally appropriate, hands-on learning environment that is not a pre-school but an opportunity to promote social, emotional, cognitive, and physical growth in preparation for formal schooling.

Classes to be held on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings between 9:15-11:15 AM to Cranford residents who are 3 1/2 year olds (potty trained) and 4 years old.


$25.00 Registration fee (payable to Cranford High School) submitted with registration and medical enrollment forms

$175** per semester — Fall (October-January) or Spring (February-May) participation

$325** for full year (October-May) participation

**full payment due on or before Open House on Thursday, September 29, 2016**

You may register your child by mailing $25.00 registration cost and all items on the checklist below to:

Ms. Annamaria Bellino,
Cranford High School, 201 West End Place
Cranford, NJ 07016
Cougar Cubs Registration Checklist:

  • Cougar Cubs Registration form(s)
  • Copy of certificate of birth
  • Copy of Drivers License with Cranford Address or Proof of Cranford Address
  • Completed Medical Enrollment Forms **Please note: The completed Medical Form must be returned to CHS by September 1, 2016.



page 1 of medical enrollment form

page 2 of medical enrollment form

Full Day Kindergarten Extended

Cranford Public Schools           Full Day Kindergarten Extended


Full Day Kindergarten Registration Extended

The Cranford Board of Education will be piloting two tuition-based full day kindergartens for the 2016-2017 school year.  The program will support children’s cognitive, social/ emotional, and physical growth in a full day learning environment throughout the year.

Students will engage daily in uninterrupted planned activities that promote higher level thinking skills while stimulating curiosity, experimentation, brainstorming and problem solving.   The Common Core State Standards will be taught through developmentally appropriate practices that allow students to see connections within and across disciplines.

The full day learning environment allows students to interact with all content areas while further supporting the social/emotional growth of each individual. The kindergarten students will be a part of a learning community that provides opportunities to practice and strengthen social skills through play, sharing, turn taking, and working collaboratively.

Throughout the day, students will continue to develop physically through movement in and outside of the classroom, with special attention given to developing fine motor skills in order to support a student’s ability to write, draw and cut precisely. For example, students may be seen constructing with blocks, stringing beads, using scissors, or working with clay.

The full day kindergarten program will allow students the time needed to delve deeper into the curriculum, allowing for a strong foundation to be created as they begin their academic career.

Estimated Instructional Minutes

Content FULL DAY: Minutes per Week
English Language Arts 630
Math 300
Science 150
Social Studies 150
Physical Education 150
Music 30
Art 30
Library 30


English Language Arts will include: Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop, Shared Reading, Read Aloud, Word Work and more.

Math will include the EnVision Math Program, Math Literacy instruction and more.

Science and Social Studies will include project based learning and will be integrated into other content areas throughout the day.

Physical Education includes Physical Education, Recess, Health and Safety.

Several spaces remain available for this unique new programChildren who will be five years old by October 1, 2016 and are Cranford residents are eligible for the full day kindergartens. The tuition charge is $660.00 per month.

Applications for the full day program are available in the main office at all of the elementary schools within the district as well as on the district website: For additional information or if you have any questions, you may call the Office of the Superintendent at (908) 709-6202.

If you are interested in signing up, please bring your application to the Board of Education office at 132 Thomas Street immediately.  These spaces will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.  After the spaces are filled, applications will be kept on a wait list.

Please click on link below:

Applications for the full day program


HIB Scores 2014-2015

Cranford’s HIB Grade 2014-2015 As Issued by NJ Department of Education

Letter from the Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Cranford’s HIB Grades for 20014-2015 As Issued by NJ Department of Education

School Self-Assessments regarding Anti-Harassment,

Intimidation, & Bullying (HIB) Efforts in 2014/15

Letter from Cranford’s Anti-Bullying Coordinator

New Jersey Department of Education criteria for grades in the Self-Assessments

  • “0” grade for the criterion means a school judges that it does not meet the specific criterion.
  • “1” grade means it partially meets the criterion.
  • “2” grade means it meets the criterion.
  • “3” grade means it exceeds the criterion.

Self-Assessments for Cranford Schools